How To Update FM WhatsApp Without Losing Chats 2023

People continuously seek new ways to improve their communication skills in this technological age. For this reason, they will likely require the latest versions of their communication tools. The same is true with FM WhatsApp.

What is FM WhatsApp?

FM WhatsApp, developed by an Arabian developer named Fouad Mokdad, has gained popularity in astonishing communications. The application was created to assist users in reducing WhatsApp limitations and overuse restrictions. Apart from the enhanced capacity, FM WhatsApp Latest Version provides privacy and personalization options.

The FM WhatsApp Latest Version APK was developed with various creative ideas that had not been seen previously. FM WhatsApp is quickly becoming popular among the WhatsApp community. Do you want to learn more about FM WhatsApp? Let’s look deeper at this highly customized version of WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp.

fm whatsapp

FM WhatsApp Latest Update

FM WhatsApp APK is becoming increasingly popular and has over 15 million users worldwide. The FM WhatsApp latest update version is v9.74 so far. However, because of the rapid developments in the WhatsApp industry, a new version will be introduced very soon.

FM WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version For Android v9.74

How To Update FM WhatsApp Without Losing Chats?

You’re trying out some amazing FM WhatsApp features and need to know how to update FM WhatsApp without losing chats. Don’t be concerned. We are here to provide an in-depth guide to updating FMWhatsApp and restoring your data.

However, most FM WhatsApp users must know how to update these Mods because these applications are frequently unavailable on Google Play Store. Therefore you won’t be able to update it from there.

Step By Step Guide On How To Update FM WhatsApp

Because this application is currently unavailable in the Google Play Store, we must create a comprehensive backup of FM WhatsApp data to avoid losing chats or media. This tutorial will explain how to back up FM WhatsApp on Android. The procedure for backing up FM WhatsApp chat data is outlined below.

1. Open FM WhatsApp

Proceed by accessing the FM WhatsApp app on your device.

2. Locate Settings

Locate the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen. Tap on them to display a menu, then choose “Settings.”

3. Back up your chats

Look for something like “Chats” or “Chat Backup” in the “Settings” menu. This is where the magic takes happens.

4. Customize Your Backup

This is where you may configure things exactly how you want them. Select how frequently you want to back up (daily, weekly, or monthly). You can even choose whether or not to back up videos. You’ll also need to decide whether to save your backup on your device or in a cloud service like Google Drive.

5. Start the Backup

Once you’ve selected, a button that says “Back Up” or “Start Backup” will appear. Please give it a tap, and things will get going.

6. Wait a Minute

Backups take time, depending on how much data you have in your chats. Ensure your device is connected to the internet and has enough storage space.

7. Get the Latest Version

It’s time to update to the most recent version of FM WhatsApp. When was the last time you got it? You’ve come to the correct place. Check for current updates and make sure you download them from our website.

8. Install the APK

Now that you’ve got FM WhatsApp’s latest version install it. If you need to learn how to install it, visit our website.

9. Let’s Verify

When the new app is up and running, it may tap you on the shoulder and ask you to verify your phone number, just like when you first set it up.

10. Restore Those Chats

Now comes the magical part. FM WhatsApp will likely ask you if you want to restore your chats from the backup you created earlier. Yes, please! Select the backup you created and watch your discussions and enjoyable memories pour in.


FM WhatsApp is a modified version of official WhatsApp that is unavailable in the Google Play Store. However, you can still download and update it by following the instructions given in this post. This article on the FM WhatsApp Latest Update will be helpful to you. If you have any questions about FM WhatsApp, please comment below. We will make every effort to assist you as quickly as possible. Please keep visiting our website for the latest versions of modified WhatsApp.