AB WhatsApp APK Download v27.00 Latest Version 2024

People are frequently disturbed by the poor performance and limited features of official green WhatsApp on their smartphones. Nonetheless, they looked for beneficial alternatives to WhatsApp but were unable to find a viable response. But what are your thoughts about AB WhatsApp?

I’ll introduce you to an amazing WhatsApp mod version called AB WhatsApp, which has improved the WhatsApp user experience. This WhatsApp Mod includes numerous new functions and features for its users. AB WhatsApp allows you to do a lot more than the official WhatsApp. Continue reading the entire blog post. I’ll unravel the ABWhatsApp APK and show you how it can make your life more enjoyable.

ABWhatsApp APK Technical Information

App NameAB WhatsApp
Android Version4.1+
APK Size74 MB
Developers TeamAbdulmalik Alhaj
ModsAB1, AB2, AB3, AB4, AB5, AB6

Introduction to AB WhatsApp APK

Abdul Malik Alhaj, the developer and founder of ABMODs, created the magnificent mod application AB WhatsApp. ABWhatsApp has millions of downloads simply due to its unrivalled performance, cutting-edge features, and ongoing enhancements by its developer, all of which keep it ahead of the competition. However, there are other things that we have long wanted WhatsApp to include in the application.

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ABWhatsApp APK will allow you to customize and improve the app’s appearance. The developer created six different equivalents based on modest user preference adjustments, which are listed below:

  • Black ABWhatsApp
  • Red AB2WhatsApp
  • Purple AB3WhatsApp
  • Green AB4WhatsApp
  • Blue AB5WhatsApp
  • Yellow AB6WhatsApp

If you don’t need any extra features, we recommend going with the black version.

AB WhatsApp Download APK Latest Version

Discover the future of messaging with AB WhatsApp 2024. Click here to learn more about its features and to change the way you connect!


The first version of ABWhatsApp is black and sleek, and it is also known as WhatsApp Ibn Al-Hajj Al-Aswad.


The second version, AB2WhatsApp, has an eye-catching red colour and is known as WhatsApp Ibn Al-Hajj Al-Ahmar.


The third version, AB3WhatsApp, has an enticing purple colour and is known as WhatsApp Ibn Al-Hajj Al-Annabi.


The fourth version, AB4WhatsApp, has a bright green colour scheme and is appropriately named WhatsApp Ibn Al-Hajj Al-Akhdar.


The fifth version, AB5WhatsApp, has a cool blue colour scheme and is known as WhatsApp Ibn Al-Hajj Al-Azraq.


Finally, there is the sixth version, AB6WhatsApp, also known as WhatsApp Ibn Al-Hajj Al-Dhahabi.

Features of AB WhatsApp APK

AB WhatsApp Plus offers an incredible number of fascinating features in addition to the six current versions.


AB WhatsApp APK allows you to customize every aspect of your WhatsApp. You can personalize, tweak, animate, and beautify your WhatsApp, whether it’s the status screen, conversation screen, or the entire app.

Stickers & Emojis

Thankfully, the developer provides a wide range of stickers of various types. You can start employing a genre you enjoy in your communication and message by downloading it. It will infuse new zeal into your conversation box.

AB WhatsApp is Virus-Free

Feel safe with this incredible value addition to your life. People use many obnoxious ways to further their entrenched interests. However, thanks to ABWhatsApp, you can now filter out any viruses and spammy contacts using the “Cut Virus” option in this WhatsApp mod version’s Alhaj setting.

Message Bombing

This feature is frequently used to mock people’s conversations. For example, if your fiancé asks you to propose to her 20 times each minute, you can do so a hundred times in one tap using this unique feature. Similarly, bomb messaging can be used in a variety of amusing ways.

Islamic Collection

Alhaj, the developer, addresses a need for an Islamic collection in WhatsApp that is easily accessible to Muslims who spend the majority of their time on WhatsApp. As a result, it has built-in Islamic literature such as prayers, ‘Adhkaars,’ and much more. As a result, this app offers a more advanced WhatsApp method for a practicing Muslim.

Location Sharing

With a single press from your chat box, you can share your location with anyone using this bizarre WhatsApp version. It will bring up a popup with many options, such as polls, documents, and location sharing. You can share your precise location with your friends and family, as well as surrounding places, by tapping on the location-sharing option.


AB WhatsApp has released its latest version, which includes a fantastic feature that will prevent your WhatsApp account from getting blocked. The developer has changed its anti-ban status against any intrusion in this upgrade.

Call Privacy

We may occasionally receive calls from strange numbers on official WhatsApp, which can be really bothersome. AB WhatsApp has a fantastic function known as Call Privacy. By activating call privacy, you can avoid receiving unwelcome calls.

Freeze last seen

If you don’t want to know which users are active, you can freeze the last seen. It means that before enabling this function, your contact will only see the time. They won’t guess your online availability from now on.

Wallpaper Collection

When you open your chat box, a calming background behind it energizes you. Consequently, AB WhatsApp provides you with over 1000 modern wallpapers. You can choose any that fits your personality.

Privacy Control

You can add unique privacy features like blue ticks, see once, and switch off forwarding in ABWhatsApp. You can entirely turn off incoming messages, and no one will be able to reach you on WhatsApp. Specifically, you are better renowned for managing various privacy situations with different persons in your contacts.

Voice Changer

You might have used different voice changer applications. AB WhatsApp Plus provides you with a voice changer in your chat box where you can replace your voice with different options such as Baby, Drunk, Deep, Robot and Underwater.

Disappearing Messages

AB WhatsApp allows you to personalize your disappearing messaging with different relationships. You can delete all day-to-day conversations that don’t need to be saved by using disappearing messages. You can also select from a dropdown list of other periods. If the receiver does not want to save your messages, they will be deleted from their chat box.

Group Customization

The group setting choice in AB WhatsApp is excellent. Each group’s color can also be changed, and you can have multiple members in one group.

What’s New in AB WhatsApp v27.00

AB WhatsApp v27.00 has numerous new and updated features. The update makes the app faster and more stable, ensuring that users have a safe experience.

  • You can now simply backup and restore all of your files, including images and videos. It is also possible to share larger documents, media, and audio files of up to 100+MB.
  • There are several new emoji and chat bubble shapes to play with. Message management is simplified with automatic message selection, bookmarking key chats, and transferring chats across phones without the use of Google Drive.
  • Several flaws have been fixed, including message delivery delays, crashes during conversations or group creation, sluggish performance, and navigation issues. The update also improves styling and other aspects for a better user experience.

How to Download ABWhatsApp APK For Android?

Do you need this excellent WhatsApp version for your Android phone? Follow these easy steps:

  1. Download AB WhatsApp APK by clicking the button above.

  2. Enable downloads from unknown sources in your device’s settings.

  3. Locate the downloaded APK file in your File Manager.

  4. After opening the APK file, click Install.

  5. Confirm your phone number after installing the app.

  6. Fill up your profile information and enjoy AB WhatsApp Latest Version.

My Opinion for AB WhatsApp APK

This application surprised me with its potential. But as I downloaded and assessed it, I had goosebumps. The ability to instantly share your location is my favourite feature. AB WhatsApp is a popular WhatsApp mod version created by Abdulmalik Alhaj. There were various crashes in prior versions, and on top of that, there were some banning concerns.

Consequently, the developer requested an emergency upgrade. Most of its reoccurring challenges have now been fixed in v27.00. Overall, it now has significantly more to offer you than what I outlined above. As a fan of this fantastic APK, you should delve in and investigate it for yourself; it is really worth exploring.

This app is also available through this website by clicking the download icon above. Explore some useful WhatsApp Mods like Blue WhatsApp PlusFM WhatsAppDelta WhatsAppWhatsApp PrimeKB WhatsAppTM WhatsApp, and CooCoo WhatsApp.


ABWhatsApp is an antiban WhatsApp mod application as of its newest version, v27.00. The reason for this is that the developer has changed all of the claims in response to official WhatsApp cracking down on mod replications.

ABWhatsApp outperforms and amazes people with its unique features, and it is one of the best WhatsApp mod versions available online. However, we can’t consider it the best. Because your preferences mostly determine the combination of tools you want to see in your WhatsApp. You can also look into popular WhatsApp mods like Blue WhatsApp PlusFM WhatsAppDelta WhatsAppWhatsApp PrimeKB WhatsAppTM WhatsApp, and CooCoo WhatsApp.

Keep visiting APKs For WhatsApp Mods for improved app performance to ensure you are using this mod’s most recent version.