KB WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version v26.00 2024

Because of the endless features, many WhatsApp users opt to stick with the superior alternatives of official versions of WhatsApp. Some innovative developers have developed many WhatsApp mods to remedy this gap, as many WhatsApp users demand. One of these WhatsApp modifications is KB WhatsApp, which has astounded WhatsApp users with its incredible performance. Reading the whole article to learn more about this WhatsApp hack and its excellent features would be best.

KB WhatsApp Technical Information

App NameKB WhatsApp
Android Version4.0+
Mods4 (Color Variants)
APK Size54 MB

Introduction to KB WhatsApp APK

kb whatsapp

KB Alkasir, an Arabian developer, created one of the nicest versions of Official WhatsApp. A customized version of WhatsApp that has been cleverly developed to satisfy user requests, such as increased privacy, thorough customization, and efficient and enjoyable communication.

Alkasir created four different color variants of KB WhatsApp. The communication apps KB WhatsApp Blue, KB WhatsApp Red, KB WhatsApp Black, and KB WhatsApp Gold are well-known. Except for the color of the app icon, all of these replications are identical. So, let us go right into its characteristics and how they will affect your life.

Download KB WhatsApp APK Latest Version 2024

Upgrade your messaging experience with KB WhatsApp APK. Download now and enjoy enhanced features for seamless communication!

KB WhatsApp Blue Download

Download the KB WhatsApp Blue version and experience KB WhatsApp with a blue theme.

KB WhatsApp Black Download

Download the KB WhatsApp Black version and experience KB WhatsApp with a black theme.

KB WhatsApp Red Download

Download the KB WhatsApp Red version and experience KB WhatsApp with a red theme.

KB WhatsApp Gold Download

Download the KB WhatsApp Gold version and experience KB WhatsApp with a gold theme.

Features of KB WhatsApp APK

You can take advantage of this most popular version of WhatsApp to have access to endless features; I’ve mentioned some of the important features below:

Chat Customization

This KB WhatsApp feature allows you to customize the home screen and the top bar, graphics, floating buttons, and status UI. Furthermore, it provides an abundance of choices for enhancing your chat screen. You may customize your action bar, bubbles and ticks, and chat input styles with KB WhatsApp APK. Every button on your chat screen will obstruct you.

Hide Blue Ticks

When it comes to controlling the ticks in WhatsApp conversations, this fantastic APK is a must-have. When someone else sees your message, a pair of blue ticks appear in your chat window. Here the clever method of hiding blue ticks comes into play. For example, you can read all the messages, creating the impression that you are unavailable to others.

Limitless Media Sharing

KB WhatsApp removes any restrictions on your media sharing. You may now select your image resolution up to 3MBs, allowing you to customize the image quality. You may also submit a video file up to the enhanced maximum of 700 MB. Finally, you may post a status update lasting up to 5 minutes.


KB WhatsApp released 64 main international languages in the most recent update on its desk. As consequently, it has a broader global reach. Surprisingly, it activates the translation tool in all major languages worldwide. As a result, with KB WhatsApp, you are comfortable with any language.

Multiple Accounts

You do not need to be concerned if you are interested in using more than one WhatsApp account. You may switch between five accounts, each with a unique number. KB WhatsApp APK is in high demand because of this useful function, making it stand out.

Status Privacy

You can access media on an ongoing basis, prevent conversations and statuses from being removed, and browse WhatsApp updates anonymously. You can look at anyone’s status without informing them. Furthermore, even if someone deleted their status, only you can see it.

Message Scheduler

Most of the time, you want to give yourself a break from your business rather than lose touch with your audience. KB WhatsApp will assist you. You can use this feature to create scheduling messages you send to potential customers regularly.

How to Download and Install KB WhatsApp APK on Android?

One must have KB WhatsApp installed on their Android smartphone to take advantage of its fantastic features. To install KB WhatsApp on your Android smartphone, follow these steps:

  1. Download KB WhatsApp APK by clicking any of the buttons above.

  2. Enable downloads from unknown sources in your device’s settings.

  3. Locate the downloaded APK file in your File Manager.

  4. After opening the APK file, click Install.

  5. Confirm your phone number after installing the app.

  6. Fill up your profile information and enjoy the new KB WhatsApp App.

My Opinion for Delta WhatsApp APK

KB WhatsApp offers an abundance of helpful, interesting, and colorful features that can improve the experience of using WhatsApp. There may be many modified versions of official WhatsApp, like Delta WhatsApp, TM WhatsApp, ADAM WhatsApp and HAWA WhatsApp. Still, this APK has a unique personality in the world of communication.

This antiban WhatsApp mode fascinated me with many entertaining communication features. My status altered from time to time, and my online life changed significantly. I could only update the status for up to five minutes in my little KB WhatsApp App community. Despite having used various WhatsApp altered versions, this is by far the finest. As a result, my communication has accelerated.


To get the KB WhatsApp, visit APKs For WhatsApp Mods, search for the KB WhatsApp APK, then download from the provided link to completely control your WhatsApp experience.

This modified version of legitimate WhatsApp works well with other WhatsApp versions. Based on user feedback and increasing demand, KB WhatsApp APK is safe to use.