ADAM WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version v36.00 2024

Choosing the best WhatsApp Mod is important for individuals who want to take their WhatsApp experience to the next level. So, to make those people’s lives easier, we have brought you this exciting APK Mod of WhatsApp called ADAM WhatsApp 2024.

ADAM WhatsApp Technical Information

App NameADAM WhatsApp
DeveloperAdam Arabs
ModsAD1 WhatsApp ADAM Black
AD2 WhatsApp ADAM Brown
APK Size64 MBs

Introduction to ADAM WhatsApp APK

adam whatsapp

Adam WhatsApp APK is a fantastic mod that allows you to connect and chat with people worldwide. Typically, WhatsApp users expect more independent, delightful conversation and high privacy standards from their regular WhatsApp editions. Because this APK allows you to attain higher levels of productivity, you will have access to many functions. So keep reading to discover what’s new in this innovative APK.

ADAM WhatsApp Download APK 2024

Get the latest Adam WhatsApp 2024 APK to download now and unlock a world of enhanced messaging. Upgrade your chatting experience today!

AD1 WhatsApp Download

AD WhatsApp is also known as Adam Black WhatsApp. Download just from the link and enjoy your discussions and media sharing.

AD2 WhatsApp Download

AD2 WhatsApp update, also known as Adam Brown WhatsApp. A change in the Launcher icon and a slight tweak in the dark theme.

Features for ADAM WhatsApp APK v36.00

The following are some great features you should be aware of before using this App.

Islamic Collection

I’m sure this functionality has never been seen before. This APK has a built-in Holy Quran and additional Islamic enhancements such as Hadeeth and other common prayers. As a result, this Apk is tailored specifically for Muslim WhatsApp users.

Chat Customization

It includes a vast number of choices for enhancing your chat screen. With Adam WhatsApp, you may change the styles of your action bar, bubbles and ticks, and chat entries. Every button on your chat screen will obstruct you.


The most enticing aspect of this APK is its jet-black interface, which offers a relaxing appearance. Unlike prior WhatsApp versions, it has gradient choices for customizing your interface to seem more elegant.

Schedule Your Messages

Users may now choose when to send a message to a certain person and at what time. This APK will assist you. You may now schedule frequent messages to deliver to your prospects using this functionality.

Status Privacy

You can look into anyone’s status without informing them. Furthermore, even if someone deleted their status, only you may view it.

Status Download

This Adam WhatsApp feature lets you download the status of anyone you choose. As a result, there is no need to request that someone message you their strings.

Limitless Media Sharing

This APK eliminates all restrictions on your media sharing. You may now select your image resolution up to 3MBs, allowing you to tailor the image quality. Send up to 90 photographs simultaneously without latency, which was previously impossible with the official app. You may also submit a video file up to the enhanced maximum of 700 MB.

Hide Blue Ticks

You notice a pair of blue ticks in your chat window shortly after the receiver receives your message. This functionality is the clever method of concealing blue ticks that comes into play. For example, you can read all the messages, creating the impression that you are unavailable to others.

How to Download and Install Adam WhatsApp APK For Android?

Do you need this excellent WhatsApp version for your Android phone? Follow these easy steps:

  1. Download Adam WhatsApp APK by clicking any of the button above.

  2. Enable downloads from unknown sources in your device’s settings.

  3. Locate the downloaded APK file in your File Manager.

  4. After opening the APK file, click Install.

  5. Confirm your phone number after installing the app.

  6. Fill up your profile information and enjoy the new Adam WhatsApp App.

My Opinion For Adam WhatsApp APK

Despite the fact that there are numerous remarkable variants, such as WhatsApp Blue, Gold WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp, KB WhatsApp and HAWA WhatsApp, Adam WhatsApp offers certain benefits over others. Its Arabic touch in its designs and layouts is its complete uniqueness. On the other hand, others may object to simplifying its symbols.

Nonetheless, it compensates by providing a wide range of launcher icons. It gives you greater control of even little features that other applications do not supply. Months have gone, and my experience with this amazing APK has been the finest.


ADAM WhatsApp is a third-party application, so it isn’t available on the play store, Amazon, Mac store, or any other platform. Perhaps, you can download it from our website APKs For WhatsApp Mods in it’s latest version.

To some extent, we may notice a difference in gender preferences between the two. Other than that, most of the structural features are the same. For example, the HAWA version has more feminine colors and interface settings. In contrast, the ADAM version has more of a masculine touch.

Yes, the application can be used on PC. For that particular purpose, you just need to install an emulator. Then you can follow the procedure given above to install this APK on your PC.