WhatsApp Plus APK Latest Version Download Official Update 2024

Is your WhatsApp version depriving you of complete control over your communication? Yes, most likely! For those who don’t know what WhatsApp Plus APK is and ended up here by accident, it’s a modified version of official WhatsApp that you can download directly from here. All you need to do is read this entire article to avoid getting confused with the downloading and installation process and to make use of WhatsApp Plus with all of its features and functionality.

So, let’s take a look at a magnetic WhatsApp version that will sympathize with you by providing all of the remedies to your concerns regarding your official WhatsApp version. Scroll down to uncover even more enjoyable activities.

What is WhatsApp Plus? A Technical Introduction

App NameWhatsApp Plus
Versionv17.52, v9.52, v21.30.0
Android Version4.1+
APK Size70 MB
Developers TeamAlex Mods, Fouad Mods, Hey Mods

Download WhatsApp Plus APK Latest Version

WhatsApp Plus is a modified version of one of the most popular messaging applications, WhatsApp. By producing this customized version of the original WhatsApp, the team behind the development of WhatsApp Plus has accomplished something incredible.

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This customized application features everything that a regular WhatsApp user would desire. This apk originally had a green interface and UI, which the developers eventually changed to gold. The developers have taught dozens of built-in features in this APK to make it a center of gravity for advanced WhatsApp users. Before you go to the download link, scroll down and see what’s new in this apk for you.

WhatsApp Plus APK Latest Version 2024 will elevate your conversations. Explore its features immediately to engage in seamless and efficient conversation!

Developer’s Overview

Refalete, a Senior member of XDA (the world’s largest smartphone and electronics community), was the first to come up with this antiban mod version of WhatsApp Plus. As the first version of WhatsApp Plus became successful, various third-party developers attempted to release their version. There are three versions of WhatsApp Plus available from three distinct developers.

WhatsApp Plus By Alex Mods

Alex Mods had the most influence in the development of WhatsApp Plus because they were the first to come up with the idea of changing WhatsApp and naming it WhatsApp Plus APK. This developer’s latest available version is v17.45. Blue WhatsApp Plus is the parent version, and it has comparable extra features. People greatly loved this edition, which enhanced the popularity of both WhatsApp Plus and the creator. WhatsApp Plus’s features are quite remarkable, and it is still in high demand.

WhatsApp Plus by Hey Mods

Alex Mods’ WhatsApp Plus was the second-best WhatsApp Plus replication. In comparison to FM WhatsApp, the most recent version of this app is v21.30.0.

WhatsApp Plus By Fouad Mods

Following two successful models, we now have another edition of Plus WhatsApp APK available for download. The developers of Fouad Mods have developed this mod. This developer introduced some more features that were well-received by users, and these versions of WhatsApp Plus have been available on the market since then. The most recent version, v9.52, was released by the developer in early 2024. People throughout the world have recently adopted all three variations.

Astonishing Features of WhatsApp Plus APK

The most stupendous and previously hidden features that distinguish WhatsApp Plus from other MODs.

Privacy Control

This apk provides a much stronger privacy policy than ordinary WhatsApp. The developers have implemented WhatsApp Lock within the app’s interface to preserve a high level of security. This option also allows you to turn off certain discussions. This APK unleashes a wide range of cutting-edge technologies that increase your data protection and procedure within the confines of your privacy protection. Some of these interesting features are listed below.

Limitless Media Sharing

Because file sharing in original WhatsApp was very limited, WhatsApp Plus allows you to transfer a video up to 50 MB across multiple devices in one go. It has now increased its audio limit to 100 MB. Furthermore, many users have reported quality concerns when transferring files through the original WhatsApp platform. The transmission of these files may be limited due to their size if they are not highly compressed.

Emoji Variants

WhatsApp Plus includes a wide variety of emojis, emoticons, and more that you can use creatively to make your friends and family happy. It’s the same emoji, just in a new design. With the WhatsApp Plus mod, you can freely access 6+ unique styles.

Pin Your Chats

When you try to pin more than three chats on ordinary WhatsApp, you will feel frustrated and resentful. However, this app goes above and beyond to make your WhatsApp experience enjoyable. That is why WA Plus allows you to save up to 1000 chats.

WhatsApp Icons

Have you ever wondered if you might acquire free WhatsApp icons even in the most recent version of WhatsApp? But with WhatsApp Plus, we make it a reality. It includes over ten amusing WhatsApp icons that you may use to impress and surprise your friends and family when they receive WhatsApp updates.

Hide Online Status

We all have loyalty in our souls, but it can be not easy to express it to someone when we’re online, especially if we don’t get what they asked for. Don’t be concerned! Furthermore, WhatsApp will safeguard you with the Hide Online MOD, which will hide your online status regardless of who you are communicating with.

Schedule Your Messages

Every tradition, no matter where we live, has an effective number of known events, festivals, and days. Furthermore, we must send a large number of messages at certain intervals throughout the day. Thank you to WhatsApp Plus APK for providing a free message-scheduling feature that allows you to schedule event messages at any moment.

Location Sharing

Have you ever used WhatsApp to share your location? WhatsApp Plus allows you to share your location with a simple click. It allows you to share your location without having to go to Google. So your location is only X click away.

Some Additional WhatsApp Plus Features

  • Launcher Icons: If you don’t like the special WhatsApp Plus icon, don’t worry. There is a large selection of launcher icons from which you can select whatever you like. 
  • Media Sharing: With this APK, you may easily and freely share your media. You can now upload video files up to 700 MB in size and pictures up to 3 MB in size.
  • Customization: If you are a preference-oriented guy, there is good news. Because this Plus edition provides full-fledged customization choices, you can color your WhatsApp by creatively utilizing those settings.
  • Hiding Blue Ticks: The ability to control blue ticks is the most valuable element of these incredible privacy features. The latest version of WhatsApp Plus APK offers an interesting feature that allows you to manage the blue ticks in your discussion. You can now urge someone to read their message again, even if you have already done so. Others will see a grey tick next to your message if you decide to use this method, indicating the receiver’s online idleness.
  • Status Privacy: Status Privacy is a clever WhatsApp feature that is in high demand. You can instruct it to monitor someone’s status without informing others.
  • Status Saver: You can use that cunning feature to download anyone’s status. So you don’t need to ask anyone to tell you stories.
  • Freeze Last Seen: This APK enables you to access the content that has been delivered to you for only one view. Surprisingly, the sender is unaware of it.
  • Dual Accounts: You can add an account to an existing one in this Plus edition. As a result, you can run two reports simultaneously.
  • Themes Collection: After installing the theme’s Plugin in this APK, you will be able to access 100+ beautiful themes.

WhatsApp Plus APK Download Old Version

WhatsApp Plus users were using various well-known versions that we must not forget. Here are some popular WhatsApp Plus old versions that were among just as many old-school memories we remember as a part of our lives. We’ve included direct download links for these versions so you can go back in time and be happy.

How to Download WhatsApp Plus APK for Android?

Do you need this excellent WhatsApp version for your Android phone? Follow these easy steps:

  • Download WhatsApp Plus APK by clicking the button above.

  • Enable downloads from unknown sources in your device’s settings.

  • Locate the downloaded APK file in your File Manager.

  • After opening the APK file, click Install.

  • Confirm your phone number after installing the app.

  • Fill up your profile information and enjoy WhatsApp Plus New Version 2024.

My Opinion for WhatsApp Plus Mod APK

I installed WhatsApp Plus about a week ago. I quickly noticed its main advantages after installing it. This app has completely captivated me. The possibility to share my location in a single click, in particular, is exceptional.

There is no doubt about the incredible performance of this WhatsApp Plus Mod version. This app outperforms the regular WhatsApp in many ways. Recently, the official WhatsApp by Meta introduced quite a number of structural changes, including voice changer functions and avatars. Consequently, maintaining a competitive edge in the WhatsApp market is a difficult nut to crack.

On the other hand, you can explore some other anti-ban WhatsApp Mods, such as Blue WhatsApp PlusFM WhatsAppDelta WhatsAppWhatsApp PrimeKB WhatsAppGold WhatsApp, and WhatsApp Aero.


WhatsApp Plus is a modified version of one of the most popular messaging applications, WhatsApp, developed by three distinct developers: Alex Mods, Hey Mods, and Fouad Mods.

WhatsApp Plus comes up with the most recent versions, v17.52 by Alex Mods, v9.52 by Fouad Mods, and v21.30.0 by Hey Mods.

WhatsApp Plus is a customized version of WhatsApp that adds additional functionality not seen in the original version. It lets you greatly personalize your experience by using themes, which allow you to theme your conversation and change the typeface. With these additional features, WhatsApp Plus is far better than the official WhatsApp.

To use the themes in WhatsApp Plus, you must first download the ‘Plus themes’ Plugin from the settings menu. After installing this Plugin, you will have access to more than 100 innovative themes. For typefaces, go to Settings> Universal> fonts and styles. You can change the size, color, and style of your fonts here.