AG WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version v36.5 2024

In the world of customized apps, AG WhatsApp is another name that has been loaded with many more features than the initial application. Everyone desires greater control, joy, and value addition in their lives. Hence, we need an alternative, such as AG WhatsApp, a widely used WhatsApp mod in the WhatsApp community. Because the official WhatsApp has some severe regulations, many users don’t like using it. That is why they have switched to customized WhatsApp applications.

To learn more about AG WhatsApp, read the entire article, which will explain what AG WhatsApp is and its remarkable features.

AG WhatsApp APK Technical Information

App NameAG WhatsApp
Android Version4.1+
APK Size65 MB
Developers TeamAssem Mahgoob
ModsAG1, AG2, AG3, AG4

Introduction to AG WhatsApp APK

AG WhatsApp is a new WhatsApp mod that includes a slew of new and sophisticated features. Because of its incredible features, you will not pass up the opportunity to use this application on your phone. Assem Mahgoob, an Arabian developer, created a customized version of official WhatsApp. Other Arabian developers developed Omar WhatsApp, HAWA WhatsApp, Gold WhatsApp, ADAM WhatsApp, and Pink WhatsApp. This Apk comes in four distinct color variations, each with tiny tweaks based on your tastes.

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Download AG WhatsApp APK Latest Version

Are you curious about AG WhatsApp? Discover its cutting-edge features and transform your conversation experience by clicking now!

AG1 WhatsApp

It is a basic version of AG WhatsApp with an integrated Blue theme. Accordingly, AG1 WhatsApp Blue emerged.

AG2 WhatsApp

AG2 WhatsApp Pink is the Pink Launch Icon for this AG2 WhatsApp. You may download it by clicking on the link below.

AG3 WhatsApp

AG3 WhatsApp Green is the name of the Green Launch Icon included with this APK. You may download it by clicking on the link below.

AG4 WhatsApp

Download AG4 WhatsApp, which has a theme of a famous Muslim conqueror from the Turkish Drama series Ertugural Ghazi.

AG WhatsApp Astonishing Features

By using AG WhatsApp, you will have complete control over your privacy and will be able to perform many things that you could only think of doing in the official app. You can download your contacts’ statuses to your phone without the need for third-party WhatsApp status downloaders and configure the long-length written status to transmit the whole information.

Hide Blue Ticks

A single grey tick indicates that the recipient is offline, whereas two grey ticks indicate that they are online but haven’t viewed the message. When the message is read, blue ticks appear. With this excellent application, you can, however, hide the blue ticks that appear to your receiver with a single click.

Limitless Media Sharing

You can use AG WhatsApp APK to change your image resolution up to 3MBs. You can also submit a video file up to the enhanced maximum of 700 MB. You can also upload a status for up to 5 minutes. However, your 5-minute status will only be visible to those who use AG WhatsApp.

Message Scheduler

Users of AGWhatsApp can schedule a message to be sent to a specific recipient at a specific time and date. You can use this tool to arrange communications that you can deliver to your target audience on a regular basis.

Multiple Languages

The team behind the development of AG WhatsApp has launched 64 major languages of the world on its desk in its most recent version. Surprisingly, it activates the translator tool in all major languages throughout the world.

Chat Customization

It provides you with a wide variety of possibilities for enhancing your chat screen. You can change the styles of your action bar, bubbles and ticks, and chat entry. Every button on your chat screen will obstruct you.

Status Download

This AG WhatsApp feature allows you to download the status of anyone you choose. As a result, there is no need to request that someone send you their personal information.

Group Administration

If you are in the admin of any group, there is a fantastic functionality that allows you to delete any message in a group that causes trouble for you or others. Not only that, but you can see who has left a group in the past, as well as when they left the group.

Themes Collection

After downloading AG themes, you will have access to an infinity of themes that will transform your WhatsApp into a Disneyland. AG WhatsApp has a built-in plugin that you can download to gain access to 100+ creative themes.

Status Privacy

You can view anyone’s status without informing them. Similarly, even if someone has deleted their status, only you will be able to view it.

Multiple Accounts

WhatsApp lets you create several accounts from a single APK. It is the most popular feature of this APK that distinguishes it.

What’s New in AG WhatsApp v36.5

The following are some of the new features that have driven this AG version to the forefront:

  • You can use this application to add many different kinds of auto-reply templates to your daily chat. When you take advantage of a feature like this in a business interaction, it becomes really useful.
  • Many of us are irritated by the auto-downloading of various trash files and photographs in our galleries. To that end, this customized application allows you to hide media from your gallery.
  • It improves your capacity to communicate several photographs and data to the community at the same time, even while you’re not using WhatsApp.
  • By tapping the chat bubble, you can get quick responses.
  • Images with a resolution of up to 3MB will be provided. Surprisingly, you can limit the quality of your images.
  • If you don’t want your media content to enter your gallery, you can prevent it from doing so. AGWA has three buttons for blocking Photos, Videos, and GIFs.
  • It provides a secure backup of your data, keeping your possessions safe.
  • It provides translation services for 18 commonly spoken languages around the world. Language will no longer impede your communication from now on.
  • With each chat, you can change your privacy settings. Enable it from the drop-down menu after touching the contact name if you wish to hide blue ticks, the second tick, “typing…”, and View status.

How to Download AG WhatsApp APK For Android?

Do you need this excellent WhatsApp version for your Android phone? Follow these easy steps:

  1. Download AG WhatsApp APK by clicking the button above.

  2. Enable downloads from unknown sources in your device’s settings.

  3. Locate the downloaded APK file in your File Manager.

  4. After opening the APK file, click Install.

  5. Confirm your phone number after installing the app.

  6. Fill up your profile information and enjoy AG WhatsApp Latest Version.

My Opinion for AG WhatsApp APK

I’ve always been concerned about portraying myself the same way in WhatsApp as I do in real life. I had less control over my communication, fewer visualizations, and fewer possibilities for personalization. As a result, one day, when browsing a webpage, I came across a hidden gem in the shape of this amazing APK. My creativity returned when I installed this anti-ban WhatsApp Mod.

According to my user reviews, you won’t be able to completely appreciate the actual potential of this APK until you download and start using it. Its most recent version, v36.5, includes more advanced capabilities than prior versions. It was once one of the greatest WhatsApp APKs. This application can also be downloaded from this website by clicking the “Download” button above. You can also look into some handy WhatsApp Mods such as Blue WhatsApp Plus, FM WhatsApp, Delta WhatsApp, WhatsApp Prime, KB WhatsApp, Gold WhatsApp, and WhatsApp Aero.


It is not from a trusted source, such as the Google Play Store. Some may point fingers at the riskiness of that cause. On the other hand, this daily communication app’s positive user reviews and outstanding functionality make it a dependable pick. So, it is a grey list app.

To get this great mod APK, visit APKs For WhatsApp Mods, search for AG WhatsApp, and then download from the URL provided to customize your WhatsApp experience fully.

To gain full access to unique themes, you must first download AG themes from the link provided above. Then, after installing the apk file, you’ll have access to an infinite number of stunning themes.