EGWhatsApp APK Latest Version 2024 Egypt WhatsApp v35.15

The developers of official WhatsApp have captivated over one-fourth of the world’s population. People, however, remain interested in more convenient features, privacy settings, and the greatest user experience for their daily communication.

Keeping this in mind, the WhatsApp Mod industry has come up with a solution to cover that gap based on user feedback from individuals all over the world. Let me introduce you to an amazing WhatsApp mod version called EGWhatsApp, which was developed to cater to the needs of WhatsApp users in Egypt.

You could be astonished to find out that 5% of Egyptian WhatsApp users come from countries such as India, Germany, and Bangladesh. Continue reading the blog article to learn more about EG WhatsApp and find the very amazing features associated with EG WhatsApp.

EGWhatsApp APK Technical Information

Introduction to EGWhatsApp 2024

EGWhatsApp is an anti-ban WhatsApp mod application developed by Al-Ostoura of Adel Wa Mods. The application was designed to target a large number of Muslim WhatsApp users, such as ADAM WhatsApp, HAWA WhatsApp, Omar WhatsApp and Yemeni WhatsApp. Thus, this app provides intriguing WhatsApp features that assist the Muslim majority in paying for religious ceremonies.

Apart from that, the app has all of the features to compete with popular WhatsApp mod versions like GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, and WhatsApp Aero. Let me go over some of the things you should be aware of before downloading this WhatsApp mod.

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EGWhatsApp Features

We have listed all features in order of appearance for your convenience.

Islamic Literature Collection

As stated previously, the EG WhatsApp APK was designed exclusively for the Muslim community, and it has some incredible features. For example, it includes a built-in Holy Quran. It also includes a large collection of Ahadeeth, morning and evening prayers, prayer times, Forty Nawawi, Morning and Evening Reminders in audio and text form, Stories of the Prophets, and much more Islamic material. Finally, you should enable their screen savers, such as Ayat of the Day. Therefore, it greatly assists you in your everyday Ibadah.

Company Profile

You may now create your company profile with all of your company’s accurate information. Everyone on your contact list has access to such information, such as your Gmail ID and other profile sites like LinkedIn and Instagram. Subsequently, EGWhatsApp can help you grow your business.

Adam Oasis

This feature is aimed at guys and assists them in improving their gym and other sporting activities. The human development component has been added to the features listed above. This is the only social networking application that allows you to enhance your personality in a relaxed manner.

Eve Oasis

As the name indicates, this EGWhatsApp feature assists women of all ages in creating inventive kitchen recipes and provides updates on new dish arrivals. This feature is significantly more useful for housewives and others who spend a lot of time in kitchen.

Medical Oasis

This feature, like the previous two, provides your health-related feeds and hygiene suggestions. You may use this feature to investigate health-related concerns and gain knowledge about illnesses, their treatment, and prevention.

Dual Accounts

This useful feature allows you to operate two accounts on a single WhatsApp application. So, you may do WhatsApp business while also communicating on WhatsApp.

Multiple Media Channels

It gives you incredible opportunities for connecting to TV networks. However, all of these features are only available if you are in the Arabian region.

Extra Features in EG WhatsApp APK v35.15

The most recent version of Egyptian WhatsApp has additional features that have kept you competitive.

  • Hiding Blue Ticks: This APK allows you to hide your blue ticks in your receiver’s chat box. It suggests that they need to know if you read their communication.
  • Status Download: From your status screen, you may instantly download all of the stories of those that you enjoy with a single tap. Furthermore, if you have seen a message but do not want to notify the sender, simply touch the eye button to make it visible.
  • Themes and Layout: Egyptian WhatsApp is far more concerned with the layout of each screen. It provides a wide variety of themes and customization choices. So, you may customize your UI layout to match your preferences.
  • Freeze Your Last Seen: If you don’t want people to know about your last online availability, simply enable this feature. Your time and date stamp will be removed from your contact title bar in other chat windows.
  • Data Transfer: It has simplified data transmission; you may now send a video up to 30 MB rather than the standard 16 MB in WhatsApp. You may also see 90 photos at once.

Egyptian EG WhatsApp: The Benefits And Drawbacks


Once you’ve downloaded EGWhatsApp on your mobile phone, you may install and reinstall it as many times as you like without having to download it again. All of the features mentioned above can be regarded as advantages that you can take advantage of.


EGWhatsApp is an alternative application that cannot provide the same level of data protection as official WhatsApp.

If you are interested in the additional functionality provided by this application, be cautious and take precautions to keep your data safe.

Because they do not pass through the Google Play Store’s evaluations, all third-party applications are vulnerable to viruses and flaws. There is a slim chance that they will slow down your devices.

The main disadvantage of all third-party applications is that there is no built-in technique for updating these applications all at once. You must manually update the application by removing the previous version and installing the newest one while safeguarding your data.

Download EGWhatsApp APK v35.15

How to Download EGWhatsApp APK For Android?

Do you need this excellent WhatsApp version for your Android phone? Follow these easy steps:

  1. Download EGWhatsApp APK by clicking the button above.

  2. Enable downloads from unknown sources in your device’s settings.

  3. Locate the downloaded APK file in your File Manager.

  4. After opening the APK file, click Install.

  5. Confirm your phone number after installing the app.

  6. Fill up your profile information and enjoy EG WhatsApp APK Latest Version.

My Opinion for EGWhatsApp APK

I frequently wonder why this application is only available in Egypt. It offers hundreds of unique features that are not seen in other top WhatsApp mod applications. However, after installing this fantastic APK, I discovered that EG WhatsApp is wonderful.

This includes the Oasis aspects that target both men and women in important parts of life, such as health, beauty, fitness and sports, personal development, and so on. Aside from that, its user experience is seamless. Even if you are not Egyptian, I suggest downloading this application for this dependable platform of WhatsApp mod apps.

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EGWhatsApp is an anti-ban WhatsApp mod application developed by Al-Ostoura of Adel Wa Mods.

Egyptian EGWhatsApp is a modified version of official WhatsApp. So, it is not available on the Google Play Store. You must install this APK from an authorized source to download it. This APK is available from APKs For WhatsApp Mods via the URL provided above.

This app is being used by a large number of people, with overwhelmingly favorable results. However, keep in mind that this is a third-party application for which we cannot put our sensitive information at risk. In short, you decide whether you are a risk-averse or risk-taking person.